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Manage your products with our PROMS management solution, track your orders, get realtime status about your current stocks, orders & invoices, and much more...

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About Products management system "PROMS"

Plan, track, and manage products in realtime. With integrated invoicing and automated orders workflow, you will be able to see everything in one place, view analytical data will enable you to identify trends and metrics. Thus, enable you to make a better business decision.

Device & Browsers Compatibity
Ease of Use & Responsive GUI
Cost & Efficient Savings
IT Supports 24/7

Responsive Design

Access PROMS application using any device you want (Cross browser / device compatibility)

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PROMS Features

Dashboard with KPIs

Monitor your inventory, sales, orders, and invoices with key KPI and realtime data analyses.

Responsive Layout

Access PROMS application from any devices and browsers at anytime and anywhere.

Alert notifications

Get notifications and alerts about your current states of your orders, tasks todo, and much more...

System Backups

The system will automaticaly backup your data and database on regular bases, so nothing gets lost.

Realtime Reporting

Using a third party integration tool, you will be able to see realtime reports about your day to day business.

Automated Invoicing

PROMS will automatically generate a dynamic invoice, with the ability to view / export the invoice in pdf.

Users Management

Manage users who access your application, create custom roles and access level for your users.

Orders Management

Create orders for your customers, keep track of your orders from creation to invoicing.

Task Planner

You can create your own custom tasks, and receive notifications about your tasks.

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